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Plastic & Composite Films
    Blister Foil
    Blister foil for medical purposes; aluminum hard-tempered foil with heat-seal lacquers of PVC/PVDC applications. Also known as lidding foils
    Bottom Web Films
    Flexible thermoforming bottom web films ideal to pack paramedical disposables and pharamceutical solutions outer wrap
    High Barrier Thermoforming Films for Paramedical Disposables
    Flexible barrier thermoforming bottom web films ideal to pack paramedical disposables such as syringes, needles, catheters, suction connection tubes, infusion sets, dialyzers in addition to all types of medical disposables médicaux
    Laminated Film for Medical Powder
    Printed multi-layer laminated plastic film (Paper / Alu / PE or PET / Alu / PE) for medical powders with medical grade paper-based structures. Also known as laminated packaging pouches
    Laminated Film for Medical Swabs
    Paper / Alu / PE films for packing medical swabs with strong barriers and resistant to alcohol and isopropyl alcohol
    Shrink Film
    Clear or printed shrink wrap film and shrink hood rolls with excellent shrinking ratio to ensure product stability during frequent transport and product protection against shock and sun radiation
    Stretch Film
    Machine stretch film, manual stretch film, pallet covers, stretch hood films and power pre-stretch films; transparent or color co-extruded film for quality wrapping
    Strip Foil
    Printed multi-layer laminated plastic film for medical soluble tablets and capsules. Also known as strip pack laminates and aluminum strip foil
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